Pori beach

As one approaches Pori, it resembles a scene out of a movie set. Like an oasis, the sandy beach stretches out into the most stunning turquoise water. It is the furthest beach on the island, approximately 4km from Chora and here you can feel the sun smearing you in golden sand. Shallow water for small buccaneers and an endless sandy beach for relaxation. No matter how many people visit, it never fills up. Your thirst and hunger will be satisfied by the two café-restaurants or else, be sure to carry supplies with you for a day’s getaway. The route along the coast is outstanding. It’s less than an hour’s walk from Chora. Otherwise, you can go there by taxi, by bus or by traditional caïque. Pori takes you away and liberates you. And that’s exactly what vacationers are looking for while on holiday.

3 reviews

  1. The most beautiful beach in Cyclades

    The most beautiful beach in Koufonisia and in Cyclades!

  2. Great beach, the biggest one in Koufonisia, amazing water color!!!

  3. Amazing waters….

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