To Mati Tou Diavolou cave

Just before you get to Pori beach on the cliff path, at the cape at the end of the cove, there is a small cave called Devil’s Eye (To Mati Tou Diavolou)
It is difficult to find as its entrance is not visible from the path, so below we are providing some directions we hope will help.

If you are standing on Pori beach, facing the sea, the cave is on the right hand end of the cove.
On the cliff path from Platia Pounda to Pori, past Pisina, you walk about 250m, until Pori beach comes into sight. There you stop and look to the right towards the sea to locate an opening between the rocks. You walk through turn right after about 20 steps and there is the entrance to the cave. It is low, you must stoop to enter. On the right hand side of the entrance there is a hole through which the sea comes up and floods the cave floor to be sucked back down again. That is Devil’s Eye.
The power of the sea, the deep sigh of the ever rising and falling water, the lovely view from the cave make for a riveting sight.

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  1. A must!

    use the get direction to find out the location… you will love it!

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