A jewel in the Small Cyclades with a receptive harbour offering generosity and whatever you may want from a summer vacation. Although Koufonisia is on a searoute known as the “non-profit route,” it is an island undergoing rapid development while preserving the colours of the Cyclades. An island that knows how to preserve its traditions and natural virgin landscape.

Passing cultures have influenced the island and left behind solid signs of their presence which can be seen everywhere… A visit to the small, quaint churches and you will feel the faith and history deeply rooted within. Discover the tiny treasures in Chora including small shops with folk art. Roam its cobblestone road and wander through picturesque lanes. Enjoy your drink upon the rocks looking up in the sky at the constellations, clearly discernible. Or take a romantic stroll along the island by the sea.

The island’s exotic qualities start with its dream-like sandy beaches, crystal clear water and impressive sea caves. Koufonisia is proud of its fishing fleet that transports fresh seafood. Savour scrumptious flavours in the tavernas around the island as well as “rakomelo” in Chora, an island trademark. A place that combines everything. Carefree family moments but also, romantic embraces. It’s easily discovered on foot, by bicycle as the distances aren’t particularly great. You will love the exceptional colour, simplicity and freedom emanating from the island but above all, you will love its genuineness and hospitality. Here you will encounter the depths of your soul when you come to the realization that a sense of satisfaction need not be fully clad in luxurious wrapping.